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Gentry's Story

On May 1st 2018, Gentry drove into her garage broken, defeated and convinced there was no way to stop the train wreck she had become. It was in that moment of feeling like there was no way out, that Gentry finally submitted to the only way out. After struggling with alcohol abuse for over 10 years, she surrendered to sobriety. Since that day she has been dedicated to learning as much as she can about her addiction, mental health and personal development so she can use her voice to help bring support and community to others suffering. Gentry built her social media platforms around her life as a sober single mom and sharing the joy and confidence that can come after addiction. After receiving so much love and support from sharing her journey online, she wanted to do more to give back to the sober community and got her life and recovery coaching certificate. Being from a long line of well-respected educators and coaches, she’s using her natural abilities and continued education to teach others how to get and stay sober and reclaim their lives. Her goal is use her influence to provide hope and humor to the mental health struggles of navigating sobriety and life as a single mom. Gentry is dedicated to inspire, entertain and end the stigma of addiction.



I am a published author alongside other amazing, strong women who share their own journeys to reclaiming their voice!

I share my personal struggle of overcoming addiction in a chapter that I titled, "Overgrown Ivy." 

Find this chapter in Deserts to Mountaintops which is available on Amazon.

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